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Thanks to our food-conscious consumers and amazing vendors, with whom we’ve built such special relationships, Rawsome Pets has become a popular Natural Pet Foods Supplier. We look forward to serving the Chicagoland animal community for years to come.

Rawsome Pets benchmarks the passion for high quality nutrition for our pets. We realize how critical the need is for affordable products and we want to help pet owners by offering wholesome nutrition at affordable prices. We believe you should NEVER have to sacrifice quality for price and we want to make raw feeding as easy as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RAW food safe for my pet?

Is RAW food safe for my pet?

The gastric acidity of the stomach of a dog is very low with a PH of 2 (or lower). This environment is highly effective at killing bacteria, particularly bacteria like salmonella, clostridia, campylobacter and E Coli. Interestingly, many people have found that many dry diets are as likely to cause issues with the same bacteria that they blame raw feeding for such as E. coli and Salmonella.

How do I handle raw food?

Can I place a special order?

A special request for repackaging can be done via email. We try to be as green as possible by using fewer disposable plastic bags, and lean towards reusable items whenever possible. Part of being Rawsome is to be mindful of our environment and our own waste. We even use very handy reusable bags that hold temperature for several hours and hope that you reuse this. Paws crossed, maybe a few less Jewel bags end up in landfills. If your needs require special packs, we will do our best to accommodate.

Handling RAW pet food is no different than handling your regular burger meat or uncooked chicken. Just prepare your food on a clean surface and wash up afterwards. My favorite countertop disinfectant is hydrogen peroxide. Safe for kids, dogs and highly effective at disinfecting surfaces.

Feeding Guide

Calculations below reflect the total amount of food per day including all meat, bone, and organ.

*The calculations above reflect the total amount of food per day including all meat, bone, and organ.



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