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Rawsome Pets


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Proudly Sourced Local High Quality Food Serving Chicagoland

As an independent Natural Foods Store, we have developed relationships with exceptional farms & ranches to bring you the best quality food we can.

Rawsome Complete Pet Meals include everything your pet needs and non of the fillers. These are AAFCO approved, thaw & serve meals.

For the DIY Rawsome feeders, we welcome you to look at our carefully sourced options from sustainable, regenerative local farms. We focus on ethical & responsible sourcing and these items change due to availability.

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Ethically sourced enrichment chews, raw meaty bones & entertainment bones along with small batch freeze dried and dehydrated treats used for all your positive reinforcement needs!

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Rawsome Pets benchmarks the passion for high quality nutrition. We are a gate-to-plate, whole food raw distributor and sell food ingredients to people who want to feed their pets a biologically appropriate raw diet.

Behind the scenes, we work hard to support those that were hit the hardest over "The Pandemic Year", from friends who lost jobs, to our local farmers who continue to be battered by "big box stores", and global markets. We help people source the highest quality food, at the appropriate market prices.

We visit these farms, checking off the usual boxes, like appropriate and clean housing, high quality feed, care for sick or injured animals, and most importantly, to THANK our hard working farmers for all they do.

Our food is of incredible quality, locally sourced, humanely treated and proudly supports our American farmers. We look forward to serving the Chicagoland community for years to come.


Serving Chicagoland and surrounding areas

Order pickups are available from Plainfield 7 days a week. Orders placed before noon are packed the same day. Orders placed after noon, are available for pickup the following day. Watch for your confirmation email and send us any questions - it's really that easy!
Order delivery available for local Chicago area Rawsome friends (small fuel fee applied). Sign up for emails to be notified of delivery schedule or emails us with questions below. 

Please note: We DO offer national shipping for supplements, and freeze dried items at a flat $10 shipping rate.

Frozen items must be shipped Monday through Wednesday to ensure proper handling of food items. Orders for shipping will have $10 added at checkout and your final total will be calculated after order confirmation. We operate with full transparency. You can still cancel your order if the shipping rate is not favorable.  We must receive written acceptance of the final shipping price prior to shipping your orders. We apologize for the delay this causes. We are working on a fix to auto-calculate shipping accurately but as of this time, the USPS calculator was charging over $200 to ship a single bullystick causing immense frustration for our customers & the Rawsome Team. 

​Plainfield, Illinois


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