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Beef Recipe is formulated using high percentages of organ meats and healthy fats. These, coupled with increased bioavailablity due to our fermented ingredients, significantly reduces feeding amounts. Rather than using synthetic nutrients or other low quality ingredients to reduce the cost of our foods, we focus on nutrient density, bioavailability, and true healing outcomes, making our recipes efficient and effective. Beef Recipe can be particularly useful to pets with inflammatory symptoms due to its balanced Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids (2:1).


The average raw pet food is 40 calories per ounce. Solutions Meat Recipes are 70 calories per ounce and have increased bioavailability due to the inclusion of fermented foods. Adjusting calories based on this increased nutrient usability shows that dogs eating Solutions need less than half the amount of food they’d need on the average raw pet food. Overfeeding can cause diarrhea because unused calories need to be purged.

*No artificial ingredients

*Humane processing and eco-friendly packaging

*No HPP (high-pressure pasteurization

Storage and Use:

Keep frozen. Thaw to serve. Keep refrigerated. Do not heat. Good for 7 days after thawing.

**Veterinarian Recommended**


Not for human consumption. This product has not been pasteurized and may contain harmful bacteria.

Wash all surfaces that this product comes in contact with thoroughly with soap and water.

Solutions Pet Products - Beef Recipe (select packaging)

PriceFrom $9.98
  • Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Bone, Goat Milk Whey, Beef Gelatin, Whole Cultured Duck Eggs, Kale, Parsley, Fermented Okra, Fresh Sprouted Chia Seeds, Fermented Ginger, Fermented Whole Cod Liver, Salt, Non-GMO Wheat Germ Oil (a source of Vitamin E), Organic Kelp

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