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DuPage Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Local, family owned carpet cleaning (and more) offered to our Rawsome customers for 20% off! Free estimates - must mention Rawsome to receive this discount at time of quote. All natural, organic "non-chemicals" safe for pets, kids & you!

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Join The Fetch Club in Chicago! 

The Fetch Club is a private members club for those dog parents who want to give their pup the best experience possible. Our environment is safe and comfortable for both the pups, their humans, and the humans providing the care. Our community shares the same values (our pups best interest, of course), and that means going the extra step to ensure that you receive a more elevated experience than most dog services.

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Nutrition Response Testing

Healthier Pets Naturally (HPN) is a holistic veterinary service provider with practice limited to Nutrition Response Testing. Nutrition Response Testing utilizes the electrical properties of the mammalian body to assess imbalances. We then use this information to design a clinical nutrition program for our patients.

Individual Clinical Nutrition Programs developed over time include:
*  identifying which organs are over stressed (electrically).
*  choosing supplements to support those organs.
*  providing a guideline of which foods are best to avoid and which have the best potential to aid healing.
*  guiding caretakers over time to make pet lifestyle changes to reduce environmental stressors/barriers to healing.

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Reference Four 

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Reference Five 

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