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Freeze dried slices of mackerel fish..this food flakes easily into feeding dishes for meal toppers or can keep its whole shape for high value treats.

When using during training, the handler has zero issues capturing and keeping focus … I have witnessed some of the most militant “sits” in eager anticipation of this reward!

Sustainably caught, this fish is “human grade” and then freeze dried in our commercial lyophiliser making this a shelf stable raw treat.

2.4 ounces

Rawsome Wild Caught Mackerel, Freeze Dried

  • 1) Mackerel Is a Substantial Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Per 100 grams, this equates to 2670 mg of omega-3

    2) Mackerel Contains Significant Amounts of Vitamin B12, essential for immune & nervous system as well as producing DNA. A filet of mackerel provides over 250% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin B12.

    3) Rich In Protein, mackerel is a complete source of protein, which means the fish includes sufficient quantities of all nine essential amino acids.

    4) Mackerel Contains Very Lo

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