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EXTREMELY small batch (seriously, only 5-6 containers per batch), homemade bone broth. *No two batches are the same, and color will vary* This stuff is AMAZING for your pet's overall health and far superior to anything you'll find in the stores. It has a jello-like consistency meaning it is FULL of joint supporting nutrients. It truly is liquid gold. Each batch is made with only grass-fed and pasture-raised bones, and takes almost 48 hours to make!


16oz container


Benefits of bone broth include:

-Promotes gut health & can help heal leaky gut

-Bone & joint health & healing (high in chondroitin & glucosamine)

-Skin/coat health

-Immune system support

-Supports liver detoxification


-Great for supporting the body during surgery recovery

-Even picky eaters love it

-Great way to add moisture & nutrients to any type of meal

-Soothes upset stomachs when needing to fast


Ingredients include: Beef bones, duck bones, elk bones, chicken bones, water, lemon juice. Infused with fresh organic parsley, oregano, cilantro, medicinal mistake, lions mane mushrooms & beets during the cooking process for added vitamins, benefits and adaptogens. 


Feed 1oz per 10lbs, can be fed daily.


Defrost in refrigerator and use within 5 days OR freeze into ice tray to last longerl

Liquid Gold Bone Broth

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