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Tri-Tips are the butchers best kept secret…except for whistle blowers like Rawsome 😜

This has been an item we have previously shared with existing customers, for those who already know how special not only this style of beef is, but for how amazing this cut is. With only two available per animal, it’s truly an exclusive for the culinary discrete.

That being said, we just received a small quantity and would love to share with our Rawsome friends.

Please note:

Price is per pound

Product must be weighed per order

This is available for local pickup or nationwide delivery

It’s (insert excited profanities) AMAZING!

Waygu Tri-Tip 2-3lbs per piece

  • Tri Tip comes from the Sirloin Primal, cut from the Bottom Sirloin. The back half of the cow muscles get frequently used making this is a leaner cut, and also one that boasts a good amount of marble giving it a beefy and extremely tender flavor profile.

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