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Chicken Recipe is formulated using high percentages of organ meats and healthy fats. These, coupled with increased bioavailablity due to our fermented ingredients, significantly reduces feeding amounts. Rather than using synthetic nutrients or other low quality ingredients to reduce the cost of our foods, we focus on nutrient density, bioavailability, and true healing outcomes, making our recipes efficient and effective. Chicken Recipe can help with cellular regeneration due to its diverse and plentiful amino acid content.



Not for human consumption. This product has not been pasteurized and may contain harmful bacteria.

Wash all surfaces that this product comes in contact with thoroughly with soap and water.


Supplementing with one of our dairy and/or jiggles products are required for cats, kittens, puppies, lactating and pregnant animals.

Options are below:

A.) 90% of calories from meat + 10% of calories from milk

B.) 90% of calories from meat + 10% of calories from milk, + 1oz/10lbs of body weight from Jiggles

C.) 100% of calories from meat + 1oz/10lbs of body weight of Jiggles

Solutions Pet Products Chicken Recipe

PriceFrom $9.98
  • Pets and other animals tend to need fewer calories per pound as they get bigger. For example, if a hummingbird were 150lbs, it would need to consume 155,000 kcals/day; if an elephant were 150lbs it would need only 700 kcals/day. Similarly, large breed dogs need fewer calories per pound than smaller breed dogs because they have slower metabolisms.

    Up to 50lb - 2.3oz per 10lbs

    51-80lb - 2oz per 10lbs

    81-110lb - 1.7oz per 10lbs

    +111lb - 1.1oz per 10lbs

    Feeding Puppies or Kittens? To ensure you are feeding an adequate diet to puppies, cats, kittens, lactating, or pregnant pets, add the daily reccomended amont of milk or gelatin products to diet. 

    *Individual variables may modify caloric need. See our feeding calculator for more precise feeding instructions.

    It is our recommendation that you calculate daily intake to account for the increased bioavailability and absorption. Use our feeding calculator to calculate caloric intake at 88kcals/oz. This is better for your budget and generally better for your pet’s health and body composition.  

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