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This is a professional cleanroom microfiber cloth that is infused with silver ions. It will effectively neutralize (kill) bacteria and viral contaminants with just water AND mechanically remove them. No I'm not kidding, and no there is no catch. This wipe is more effective than a Clorox wipe and leaves behind no nasty chemicals. Previously available only to the biotech/pharma world, and now Rawsome customers. So, while you're preparing your pets food, and accidently get your counters messy, just wet your nanowipe, and disinfect your kitchen counter cleaner than they've ever been.They are reusable/washable upwards of 500 times before starting to wan in their cleaning ability. They are intentionally offered in several colors. Get yourself one for the kitchen, a different color for your bathroom, and a 3rd color for your car.BENEFITS*No chemicals*Reusable*Better AND cheaper than standard disinfecting wipes*RawsomeGet your silver wipe NOW!

NanoTech micro

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