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90 grams of all 8 species

Three months worth of beta-glucan rich mushroom extracts.

Included in equal parts is:

Reishi Mushroom Extract

>30% beta glucan

>3% Triterpene

Longevity, vascular Adaptogen

Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract

>35% beta glucan

Immune support 

Maitake Extract

>30# beta glucan

Supports immune system 

Oyster Mushroom Extract

>35% beta glucan

Immune support, clarity, memory and clear energy support

Agaricus Blazei Extract 

> 30% beta glucan 

Strong Immune stimulator and support

Lion’s Mane Extract

>35% beta glucan

Cognitive Clarity Support 

Memory, focus, clarity, brain & nerve support, cognition cognitive support. 

Cordyceps Extract

>35% Beta Glucan


Chaga Mushroom Extract

>30% Beta Glucan

Energy, Natural Adaptogen

Antioxidant profile, digestion and immune support

Antioxidants anti-aging and healthy skin support  

Mushroom Extract Mix

  • Serving portion is 1 gram (approximately 1 tsp)

    Serving size is 1/8 tsp for dogs

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