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The wonderful probiotic superfood for your rawsome pets is loaded with omega 3, omega 6, fatty acids, digestive enzymes protein.

Perfect for sensitive stomachs, boosts the immune and helps build healthy muscles, this is a must for every rawsome pet!

Packed in 2-pound vacuum sealed - protein is American Bison from an amazing, Rawsome regerative ranch, just to the north of us in Wisconsin.

2-lb packages

*please note that our tripe is not bleached to kill bacteria, much like how we do not pasteurize our raw milk, because we are assured we have the best sourced bison, raised in its natural habitat eating the food it’s biologically intended to eat, thereby creating the best microbiome in the digestive stomach.

TRIPE, is in the front part of the digestive system and when the animal grazes on naturally grown, glyphosate-free grasses, a process called foregut fermentation takes place. This requires the fermented ingesta (known as cud) to be regurgitated and chewed again. The process of rechewing the cud to further break down plant matter and stimulate digestion is called rumination.

Fun fact:

The word "ruminant" comes from the Latin ruminare, which means "to chew over again". Tripe is the animals own micro biology lab, producing digestive juices that naturally ferment the grasses ingested. Perfectly Rawsome, unadulterated, as nature intended!

Rawsome Brand Grass Fed, Bison Green Tripe

  • Grass fed green bison tripe is packaged in raw frozen 2 pound bags. 

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