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It’s as beautiful as a new rose! Lean like bison but laced with the deep read meat that elk is known and sought after for.

We freeze dry these fresh, joint supporting items and 96 hours later (yes, that’s not a typo - 96 hours 🤯) they are ready for the our favorite furry friends to enjoy.

Straps are the tendons, or as the Rawsome Tomas kids call them, “rubber bands” that hold bones and muscles together. They are rich with protein, collagen and essentials for muscle building, fat loss and proper function of the whole body.

Because we responsibly harvest and source elk straps from regenerative farms and ranches, we have extremely limited quantities of this item and it’s not currently available for wholesale at this time.

Don’t hesitate to get your pups the best joint supporting dental floss available in the Midwest 🇺🇸

Elk Straps

Get you some!

Rawsome Elk Straps, 5oz

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