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Got elk? We do!!

Raw Rocky Mountain Elk Pet Blend is as natural and nourishing as pet food can be. Made up of a special blend of elk meat, various organ meats, and bone dust to replicate a balanced kill in the wild. This is one-of-a-kind, exceptional quality product that is pre-blended for easy feeding. They'll be at your feet the minute you open the refrigerator for it!

Elk Pet Blend, 1lb package

Out of Stock
  • • 75% Elk Trim Meat (hamburger)

    • 9% Elk Liver

    • 8% Elk Heart

    • 3.5% Elk Bone Dust

    • 2% Elk Kidney

    • 2% Elk Spleen

    **All ingredients are 100% Rocky Mountain Elk &

    Humanely Field Harvested…. just as nature

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