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CALM is a proprietary, full-spectrum hemp extract formula perfect for situational and chronic anxiety, fear and reactivity. This high potency oil contains simple, high quality ingredients, including California-grown Lavender, MCT-3 Oil, and full-spectrum extract containing CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids. Formulated for horses, donkeys, mules and other equine breeds.

Product Size / Servings:

1mL dropper contains at least 50mg of CBD

Each 4oz bottle contains at least 6,000mg of CBD

Each 4oz bottle contains approximately 120 1mL servings

CALM has the potential to address numerous common illnesses, including:

Situational anxiety

Chronic anxiety


General anxiety

And more!


IMPORTANT: Sensitivity to CBD oil ranges from case to case, independent of weight and size of the animal.

Dosage is most effectively determined with consideration for each animal’s unique physiological condition. This includes characteristics such as their endocannabinoid system, age, metabolism, disease process, current ailments and other individual health factors.

During the first few weeks, we recommend a trial and error method as you monitor your animal’s response and determine optimal dose.

One dropper of CALM contains the average effective daily dose. This is a benchmark that works for most horses, which you may adjust depending on the sensitivity of their endocannabinoid system and other physiological attributes.


Shake the bottle before each use.

Apply the oil directly to the gums, or as close as possible.

Wipe the dropper clean after use to prevent contamination.

Store in a cool, dark place.


Split the total daily dose into 2 or more smaller portions (micro-doses) to maintain consistent blood concentration levels.

According to preliminary research, blood concentration after oral administration typically reaches peak levels after 2 hours and is mostly eliminated from the body within 6-8 hours.


Keep a log of the dose in milligrams (mg) of CBD.

Record some information about how they respond (eg. energy levels, mobility, symptom relief, sleep patterns etc.).

Adjust accordingly. We encourage you to be flexible with the dose until you find the right amount for your pet’s specific needs. If you’re worried about giving too much, rest assured; Research shows that CBD is extremely safe for your animal, even at incredibly high doses.

CALM - CBD Oil for Horses

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