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Old Mother Hubbard and her bones

Let’s talk about “raw meaty bones” (RMBs) for a moment. Raw meaty bones are edible bones covered with cartilage and meat. These bones are an excellent snack when given in addition to a complete meal. Raw bones are your rawsome pets most effective toothbrushes. That nasty black plaque that covers the once bright white pearly whites are from layers of kibble building for months or years on teeth. Humans (most of us) brush our teeth daily to remove plaque but what do animals do? They chew. They turn their heads sideways to use their molars and really dig into a fabulous treat. This action scrapes the yuck off their teeth much like the dentists scraper tools. Now let’s thank about what you DO NOT see: Enzymes. Enzymes interact with the bacteria in your pets mouths and in a symbiotic fashion, and these enzymes break down that bacteria and help freshen breath.’ve heard of digestive enzymes? Here they are naturally introduced vs chemically derived in pill format. 🦴How EASY is this to give to your pet? Heavy chewers love their RMBs given as a frosty treat. Some prefer a slightly thawed RMB and still others prefer them completely defrosted. I find that giving my dogs the frozen RMBs is much less mess than semi or completely thawed. No it’s not a “bloody mess” but as your pup cleans their back teeth, they will grind their RMBs against their paws on the ground. I find using a dedicated, washable mat/blanket or simply going outside is the best way to eat RMBs. 🦴What do I do with “left overs”? If you have a pup who quits on a RMB (some really like to cherish and revisit their treasures), just Refreeze them! Rinse them off and stick them back in a ziplock right in the deep freeze for later. 🦴How often time feed RMBs? Monitor your pets stool to decide this. If you start to see a chalky, powdery stool, guess what? Too many bones...although their Anal glands are being naturally expressed, which if you have ever had the pleasure of needing to express your dogs Anal glands yourself, this alone might be the sole reason to offer enrichment RMBs. 🤢🤮 So safely 2-3 times per week if not daily. Finally it’s worth noting the difference between ENRICHMENT bones and RMBs. Enrichment bones are weight bearing bones like femur bones. Excellent for boredom cures and reusable for months. After the tasty marrow gets scraped out, simply restuff with sugar free peanut butter or more food. Think of this as natures Kong treat minus the synthetic rubbers. A solid win. 🦴We are offering Elk Necks as a fabulous RMB. Elk is CWD tested (chronic waste disease) and is a great alternative for protein rotation to the more readily available beef, chicken, turkey and pork. Please message us online or in messenger for a special offer on these terrific toothbrushes and chewing cures! 🛍🎊🎉🛒 Enjoy your sunny Sunday don’t be like old mother Hubbard - just give your poor dog a bone 🍖🦴🐾

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