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Love after Loss

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Y’all know we lost two furry family members not so long ago. Duchie and Bruiser knew the senior member of the house (Ginger, 14) was doing her last dances and concretely solidified their position in the house. It’s funny how dogs just know how to restructure pack balance. But even dogs have “heart dogs”, and Duchie fell fast in love with sweet Bruiser. He was kind of derpy, had zero agression, and appeared almost lazy. What I didn’t realize was how much she adored and relied upon his stoic and steadfast disposition. Being lovers actually has a different meaning that what human youths believe…they doted on one another, reassured one another and frequently glared at Milo together, planning his demise (that never happened, no worries)!

Bruiser’s end was not expected. Duchie never wanted him to leave that morning. She somehow knew he wouldn’t return to her, to us. She was exceptionally deliberate about him and behaved in a panic. In hindsight, I should have listened to her. Instead I broke everyone’s hearts, including hers.

It’s been a slow transition with our new Baby Tiger but the similarities in disposition and behavior is not lost on us. Ru was caught examining Bruiser’s collar.

Absorbing Bruiser’s essence

Not chewing, but somehow absorbing his essence.

Meanwhile Duchie has been training him every day. They play for hours and then today, I watched this sweet kiss through the dirty glass doors.

Rufus will be her new prince and she, his queen...

Once again, we have balance…though Lukie is begging me every day for a baby pittie 🤣🤣

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