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Just an update...

We have some new items worthy of mentioning.

Split marrow bones, and traditional marrow bones. Excellent toothbrushes, mentally and physically stimulating chews and priced just right to meet every budget! And can I tell you....they are beUtiFULL! The knuckle bones make the most gelatinous bone broth ever and the dogs gnaw on them raw for HOURS! Order your split marrow bones here and don’t forget to add some Albright’s green lamb tripe so you can re-stuff these naturally carved out dishes! 👇

Two absolutely FABULOUS dehydrated treats are now available taking care of good dental health as well as offering joint support. Our gently dehydrated beef straps as well as pharmaceutical grade beef trachea have been personally tested and outperformed even the Tomasville favorite jumbo pig ears! “Pharmaceutical grade“ means it’s meant for further production and not for human consumption because it’s been flash frozen without any denaturants. It is actually harvested and intended for use in bio Pharma production for making an amazing chemical called chondroitin sulfate, which is a fundamental component of connective tissue acting as a flexible connecting matrix between tough protein filaments in cartilage to form a polymeric system. The science is amazing! From reconstructive surgeries, regeneration of connective tissue and several research studies still underway, all have used this amazing raw material...extracted directly from bovine tracheas....moo 🐮

Instead of a processed source of glucosamine and chondroitin, here is the same supplement I’m it’s purest, “rawest” form. It’s truly rawsome!!!.

Pictured is the dehydrated beef strap, and yes, that’s our oldest human child giving you all the thumbs up after he decorated the dogs dish. I mean how creative is this little 5 year old #rawsome boy?! ❤️👍

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