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Green Lipped Mussels !

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

About a year ago, I scoured the internet in search of a potent GLM (Green Lipped Mussels) supplement and instead found vagueness and ambiguity even in well respected brands. 🙄

So I sourced my own.

From New Zealand.

AND I had it 3rd party verified for what science knows to be important. But maybe your brand really is good and I somehow missed it. 😜


Here’s how to confirm if what you’re using is beneficial:

1- not all New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels are from NZ! The beautiful waters surrounding NZ are some of the cleanest in the world and we know that mussels are natures “filter”. While I can appreciate the ecological cleansing taking place off the coasts of Japan, I do NOT suggest eating the flesh of mussels filtering radioactive waste found in pacific waters.

I mean yea, it’s cheaper but come on! 😵‍💫☢️

ALWAYS search for “Country of Origin New Zealand”!

2-The vitamin and mineral content is abundant in mussels, but they (vitamins & minerals) do not play a key role in fighting inflammation. Instead, they support bone health as opposed to treating the inflammatory conditions. This is why when buying “supplements” it’s important to quantify the omegas, glycosaminoglycans (which the body uses as “shock absorbers” & lubricants) and of course, lipid content.

Check your label - what exactly does it say? What natural "actives" does it quantify? Nothing? Or maybe just “100% NZ GLM”. Hmmm 🤨

So how do you KNOW what you're getting is anything more than just a powdery filler?

Many companies sell dehydrated, air dried or even canned mussels 🤢, & several others sell a powder, but it seems that obtaining the right (potent) results are only possible if the process takes place rapidly and without freezing the shellfish beforehand.

Green lipped mussels loose everything beneficial and the health benefits will disappear in an instant when heat processed or frozen. I see many nutritionist encouraging canned mussels. Why? Don’t buy canned mussels. 😑

* When the mussel is picked for processing, it should be freshly harvested & alive.

* During the whole process, mussels should never be frozen or cooked under high heat.

* mussels must be fresh, raw & from CLEAN waters

If amino acids & compounds are not quantified, then they (likely) aren’t there. Again, more ambiguities and vagueness in the pet industry. Why waste your money.

Rawsome Green Lipped Mussels:

-Sourced from New Zealand

-Tested & 3rd Party verified for efficacy and standards

-available to order here👇👇

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