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Buddy's Story

RawRawsome is excited to be offering a new item that helps provide #rawsome mental stimulation as well as good dental healthcare for our pets!

Coupled with our excitement, we are GRATEFUL to be able to help an animal in great need.


Buddy is a senior boxer mix who’s only caregiver fell gravely ill and faced a heartbreaking decision. Friends rallied together and gently scooped this sweet boy into a rescue. It was clear that Buddy’s original caregiver was facing their own challenges for a long time because Buddy’s health was severely neglected. He has had cancerous tumors, and his breath and teeth were a smell that would send you reeling.

Tumors, thankfully, were removed with zero margins. 🙏🏽❤️

His “bad breath”? Super serious! Deadly serious actually! His teeth were rotting from the inside of his mouth. The amount of infection and pain he has been living with has landed Buddy to see specialists that have had to do extensive treatment. The accumulating vet bill is at $1500 and climbing.

These pictures are not easy to see. This is the reality of what happens to animals on a poor diet. Even the highest quality kibble will not prevent this type of decay. When we offer entertainment bones and other raw meaty bones, THIS is what we are fighting against.

So for everyone still on the fence with raw diets, I implore you to consider our gently dehydrated, all natural Beef Strap. It’s a #rawsome chew, for dogs of all sizes and ages and priced wonderfully affordable!

With the sale of each beef strap, 50% of proceeds will be donated to Buddy’s veterinary care.

At only $1 each, you can help Buddy while giving your own pets an amazing, all natural toothbrush.

Order your beef straps here 👇

Buddy’s update from the rescue including pictures and bills. (You can donate directly to the rescue too)



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