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It takes several days to make the “magic glitter powder” with several steps involved but for those who’ve witnessed the results, they can contest the wait is worth it.

My 13 year old senior has severe arthritis and shortly after Luka was born, her body decided stairs were impossible to climb. Walking hurt. It took about 2-3 weeks of this extraction coupled with fresh quail eggs and now seeing her chasing rabbits again brings me many happy tears.

ALLERGIES? Yeah this helps too. Almost instantly (within 10-30 minutes).

It’s all natural. No synthetics. No chemicals. Pure relief.

Two packages include:

24 grams of maximum relief powder

40 grams of “standard” relief with egg shell membrane (the ONLY known food to help rebuild cartilage).


Maximum Anti-Inflammatory Allergy & Arthritis Relief PLUS cartilage support!

PriceFrom $35.00
  • If you wish to ONLY purchase the Maximum Anti-inflammatory (for allergies or severe arthritis), you may do so by selecting the drop down.

    If you wish to ONLY purchase the joint support supplement anti-inflammatory, you may do so by selecting the drop down.

    A cost savings is provided for those who buy both together.

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