Flat Iron Steak 5-pounds

Flat Iron Steak 5-pounds

Spring Special***
Flat Iron steaks averages 5+ pounds each.

Flat iron steaks, are super trendy. They are a sinew-free steak cut from the shoulder blade of an animal. Why so trendy? Because the shoulder is a working muscle, and working muscles have much more flavor.

There is a saying among chefs that the filet mignon, the tenderloin of a cow, is the Paris Hilton of steaks: Everyone wants it… but no one knows why. 😜

According to the beef mavens, it is indeed almost as tender as the Paris Hilton tenderloin, but with way more flavor — again, because it comes from a hard-working muscle.

Cryo sealed for human consumption just as you would see at your local butcher store but priced for your whole family.

We are changing common mindset. Our pets deserve the same quality we get ourselves!