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Palliative Care or Treatment

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Friends we have a lot to be thankful for. This week has been so challenging for a multitude of reasons. The flu has hit the kids hard - yes again but they are my résiliant rubber bands that bounce back harder than they were before being sick. I must say, their immune systems are properly stimulated.

Next we noticed Ginger started having trouble walking, the edema settling in her rear legs and fast forward, we are grappling with questions on how to further support her endocrine system. We have supported her arthritis and endocrine for years now, this dog is more of a cat with her nine lives but still, there is always room for improvement. So, I did your typical “join a support group”, thank you Facebook, you really do have something for everyone, but guess what I saw? I saw grief, I saw thieves trying to sell their snake oil to the desperate and even more horrifying, I saw heartbroken people who had just now come to terms with the fact their pets diet needed change.  Desperation, despair and wolves walking in sheep’s clothing much like the typical world we live in…several mutual friends in these groups too which again, hurt my heart.

With emotions SOARING today I came to appreciate once again why Rawsome came to fruition. We are so much more than a “raw meat supplier”.

Rawsome was started because our world lacked ethics in animal rearing & harvesting.

We lack transparency in the animal feed supply chain.

Animal nutrition is polluted by marketing scammers and gross margins to line the pockets of already multimillionaires and felt the need to further grossly profit from waste (enter how we make kibble). I rejoice the success of ethical people…but I remind you that karma acts on those who feast on the gullible and fearful. Evil begets evil.

Rawsome is a family, and a supplier who cares not just for the pets who are eating our food, but for the animal sacrificed to feed us and our pets.

The farmers and ranchers, have the utmost respect from us. We are grateful for all their efforts which often time resulting in no vacation or “sick days”.

I’ve done a lot of markets this year and I watch people saunter to the booths with the cupcake style dog cookies and I want to die inside knowing the ingredients are literally killing pets…but hey, it’s “all natural” so it must be good. When these same people would then come to check out our items, I was grateful for the opportunity to educate and to provide life sustaining and enhancing alternatives for their pets. Those who were initially hesitant, are now asking, what else can I get? It’s been incredibly inspiring and encouraging to say the least.

So back to the dreaded cancer. Can we really do anything to protect ourselves and pets from it? In short, yes of course we can! To fight cancer we must understand exactly what it is.

Cancer, by definition, is the abnormal cell growth that begins to invade to the body. It is a genetic disease, meaning that it is caused by changes to genes that control the way our cells divide and grow. With age, these changes are more dramatic.

Cancer cells are characteristic of the following:

1-grow in the absence of signals telling them to grow

2-ignore signals that normally tell cells to stop dividing or to die (apoptosis)

3-invade into nearby areas and spread to other areas of the body. (Normal cells stop growing when they encounter other cells)

4-tell blood vessels to grow toward tumors. The blood vessels supply tumors with oxygen and nutrients and remove waste products from tumors.

5-hide from the immune system.

6-trick the immune system into helping cancer cells stay alive and grow. For instance, some cancer cells convince immune cells to protect the tumor instead of attacking it.

7-rely on different kinds of nutrients than normal cells. This lets cancer cells grow more quickly. 

Understanding the how and why of cancer cells more clearly points to why nutrition is critical.

So, the accusatory question is:

Angela! You raw feed! You do “everything right”! How can your dog get cancer?


My dog didn’t “get cancer”. My dog's cells and genes are giving way to age and environmental toxicity that surrounds each and every one of us. My dog's vitals and will to fight, even as a teenager (she’s 13 y’all) is stronger than that of a middle aged spunky “healthy” dog.

Her immune system is a powerhouse of support that has for years sustained her, allowed her gentle leadership to rule over even the “dominant dogs” in this house.

I have spent a lifetime arming her immune system to be smarter and stronger than the cancer cells signaling. Eventually, every soul will succumb to the degeneration we are born with, and while the book is really a fabulous read, there sadly isn’t a “forever dog”.

For almost 6 years, we have turned back the hands of time for Ginger. I didn’t trust the available supplements due to lack of verified efficacy, misleading marketing and minimal potency so again, enter Rawsome and our own branded VERIFIED supplements that gifted us years with my best friend. Blue Spirulina, a variety of medicinal mushrooms and the maximum strength anti-inflammatory extract and CBD/THC almost immediately reduced her edema (swelling) and while she not yet killing rabbits in the backyard, she didn’t tell me her time here is done. She DID tell me to pull myself together … and she doesn’t want my heavy energy. Today, all day, I cried. Tomorrow, I listen, and I fight back WITH my best friend. Tomorrow (Friday) we get X-rays, biopsy and blood work. Tomorrow I will be strong and powerful for my best friend and my energy will feed hers. If you have some strong energy to spare, send it our way. My entire family, especially Ginger, sure would appreciate your well wishes.

(Oops, more tears just ran away from my eyes, but that’s ok. It’s not tomorrow yet.)

Rawsome raw food, with supplements
Whole Food, supplemental care looks like this in our house

Stay strong, be blessed and enjoy your lives! 💗

Ginger eating a beef strap
Ginger enjoying a beef strap

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