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It’s science time!!!

Let’s talk about some chemicals & chicken 🐓

In an unstressed animal, after death, muscle glycogen is converted into lactic acid, which helps keep meat tender, pink, and flavorful. Adrenaline released by stress before slaughter uses up glycogen, which means there’s not enough lactic acid produced postmortem. This affects different kind of meat in different (negative) ways, but in overall, it’ll be tough, tasteless, high in pH, and will go bad quicker than “unstressed meat”. (Lactic acid also helps slow the growth of spoilage bacteria.)

Why share this? Chicken farms are some of the most disgusting, overpopulated, grossly unethical farms in the US. Ironically, our eggs would be ILLEGAL to sell even in 3rd world countries due to lack of standards for the poor birds. Have you ever traveled outside the USA and seen cases of eggs sitting in room temperature vs the grocery store cooler?

That’s because in the EU and rest of the western world, the opposite is true: it’s ILLEGAL to wash eggs, which creates an incentive for egg producers to follow best practice and produce a clean egg.

Read that last statement again. They CANNOT wash the eggs and therefore instead focus on environment for the chickens. What a concept.

Thankfully not all farms are “high throughput manufacturing farms”. This is why sourcing is so critical. Quality of life is quite literally and chemically passed down from one life form to another. It sounds spiritual, but also well documented scientifically.

So many raw fed animals appear to have sensitivities to chicken. Well, friends, perhaps the quality of the meat may be your answer.

#Rawsomepets deserve higher quality than the weekend sale from the corner meat packing store where you’ll find wonderful prices, along with broken bones, souls and very little lactic acid.

Local farms, humanely raised, cared for and euthanized produces better quality and better tasting meat.

Those who’ve tried our chicken breasts with rib meat agree they are plump, juicy and flavorful for the whole family. And yes, that last picture is what my kids enjoyed for dinner. They are just this good!

Order yours online ON SALE NOW and don’t forget to add Albright’s Beef Organ Mix and Albright’s Lamb tripe to make a #rawsome meal for your pets!

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Great article, super informative. Might try the chicken and beef formula for Theo.


Bradley Free
Bradley Free
Feb 22, 2021

Interesting article! Thanks for sharing.

Feb 23, 2021
Replying to

We are glad you enjoyed the article! 🐾

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